by Audrey Estrougo with Sophie Marceau, Suzanne Clement, Alice Belaidi, Eye Haidara. France 2015, 100’.

Production Company Rouge International, SuperProd
Distributors ARP Sélection
Screenpaly Agnès Caffin, Audrey Estrougo
Editing Céline Cloarec
Cinematography Guillaume Schiffman
Set Decoration Emma Cuillery

In order to save the man she loves from jail, Mathilde takes his place by helping his break-out. While she exclusively relies on him to survive in this prison setting, Mathilde has not heard from him since her imprisonment. Isolated, only supported by her son, she is now identifi ed by the inmate number 383205-B. Will Mathilde become a convict like any other one?

April, the 7th at 9:00 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
€ 13,00

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